Kim Phat 的 Chinese-Style Braised Pork Belly

Chinese-Style Braised Pork Belly

准备时间: 10 分钟


烹饪时间: 15 分钟




  • 750g pork flank, cut in two
  • 1 tbsp 菜籽油
  • 3 pieces rock sugar
  • 1 clove garlic, crushed and finely chopped
  • 3 tbsp Chinese cooking oil
  • 1 tbsp light soya sauce
  • 1 tbsp dark soya sauce
  • 2 cups


1. Quickly blanch the pieces of pork in boiling water for a few minutes. Rinse and set aside.
2. Heat oil over medium heat in a casserole, then add the sugar. Let sugar melt.
3. Turn up the heat and add the garlic and the pork. Mix well to coat the pork in sugar and garlic.
4. Add the cooking wine, both soya sauces, and the water. Mix all the ingredients well. Reduce heat immediately when the mixture begins to boil. Let cook for 1 hour.
5. Remove the pork and increase the heat. Let the sauce reduce and thicken.
6. Cut the pork for serving and pour sauce over. Enjoy with a bowl of warm rice.