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Kim Phat’s brand offering

Because we have always had the concern to offer you the best quality at the best possible price, we continue to develop for you a range of KIM PHAT private label products that will allow you to fill your pantry at a fair price.


We invite you to discover our collections of KIM PHAT brand products to inspire you to make a multitude of dishes for all of life's circumstances.


Where can we find KIM PHAT private brand?

Important Note: Product inventories may vary depending on the location and the platform.

Rice & noodles


Because rice is the staple of our kitchen, it has been the first food offered under our private label since our very beginning. We now offer a variety of jasmine-scented long rice (Milagrosa quality) in several formats and a variety of round rice for sushi.





Choose fresh noodles to give your recipes styles and flavors worthy of any celebration. This item is available on shelves with instants noodles.


For the rushed moments of modern life.


They require a soaking time or need to be boiled before being cooked but they bring the full flavor to your dishes. Our collection includes rice and wheat noodles for cooking all the classics such as Tonkinese soups (Pho), stir-fried noodles (Pad Thai, Pad Seew, Soba, Chow Mein, etc.)

Rice paper

Our rice papers are sturdy for easy handling when rolling your ingredients into delicious bite-sized spring rolls or any other creations.

Rice paper



Products available: Shiitake mushrooms, water chestnut, artichoke hearts, palm hearts, bamboo shoots.


Product available : Lychees in syrup.


Products available: sardines, mackerels.


Whether you choose the rich or light version, our coconut milk will give your curry, soup, stew or dessert recipes all the smoothness you want for these dishes.

Seasonings, sauces & oils

To help you achieve the perfect seasoning for your dishes, here is a collection of basic sauces and condiments that will serve you every day.

Soya sauce


Sesame oil

Rice vinegar

Frozen products

Our frozen products will help you complete your meals easily and quickly. Try our gyozas, imperial rolls and shrimp patties without delay. Your weekday meals will no longer be a headache in the future.


Defeat your hunger with our quick snack solution.
Products available: Dried seasoned seaweeds (3 flavors)