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Bakery and pastry

Find a wide variety of pastries in all our stores, including our customers' favourites, the classic braided coconut brioches, egg tartlets and sponge cakes flavored with pandan leaves.
It is with great pride that we continue to make the products of the Bakery and pastries department ourselves every day. From the choices of the best ingredients, to thoroughly following the techniques and resting times, everything is meticulously implemented regularly to offer you these treats that you cannot resist.

Chinese BBQ

Whether it's for our Char Siu pork, our Peking duck* or our whole crispy pork*, our Chinese BBQ section is a must for small or big occasions. The legendary recipes of our BBQ chef assure you authentic grills that will delight your whole family and your guests.
*Peking duck is subject to variable availability due to the current shortage and the whole crispy pork must be ordered in advance.

Fruits and vegetables

From the start, the freshness of our fruits and vegetables has been our top priority. We make it a point to source our fresh products from multiple suppliers in order to be able to offer you only the best exotics fruits and vegetables in the widest variety possible.

Spices and fresh herbs

We also offer a wide variety of highly sought-after fresh spices and herbs to cook authentic Asian dishes with the specific scents and flavors of their country of origin.

Meat, fish and seafood

We are committed to offering you the widest variety of meat, fish and seafood possible so that you are never limited by choice. Whatever cut, piece of meat or variety of fish, shellfish or other rare seafood you are looking for…all you have to do is ask!

Health & beauty

Because we are committed to following your needs, we have launched a brand new Health & Beauty counter at our Ville Saint-Laurent store. You will find a range of skin and face care products as well as typical Asian health solutions. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified about our new products.