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Vietnamese pork and mushroom ravioli

very easy
4 portions


For pancake batter
250 ml (1 t)
of rice flour
125 ml (1/2 t)
tapioca flour
60 ml (1/4 t)
of cornstarch
625 ml (2 1/2 t)
warm water
2 tbsp
of olive oil
2 tbsp
or olive oil in a bowl
for cooking
1 pinch
of salt
1 pinch
of sugar
For the farce
1 C.
vegetable oil
cloves of garlic, crushed
shallot, finely chopped
300 g (2/3 lb)
minced pork
125 ml (½ t)
dehydrated shiitake mushrooms or dehydrated Chinese black mushrooms, soaked for half an hour in warm water, then finely chopped
1 C.
fish sauce
1 C.
1/2 c.
ground peppercorns
For garnish
180 ml (3/4 t)
of bean sprouts
cucumber, finely chopped
Slices of vietnamese sausages
85 ml (1/3 t)
of fried onions (homemade or commercial)
125 ml (1/2 t)
fish sauce made from 1 tbs
3 tbs
of cold water
mint leaves
coriander leaves


Step 1
In a large bowl, combine all the ingredients in the pancake batter and mix well. Take care to undo all lumps. Let stand at room temperature.
Step 2
Meanwhile, heat the stuffing oil in a skillet over medium heat. Add the garlic and the shallot. Stir well for a minute. Then add the ground pork, combining it well with the garlic and the shallot. Skip 2 minutes.
Step 3
Add mushrooms, fish sauce, sugar and pepper. Mix well. Cook for at least 3 minutes or until pork is cooked through. Drain all in a colander so that there is no oil or juice left over. Book.
Step 4
Using a kitchen brush, brush four plates with olive oil.
Step 5
On high heat, heat a small nonstick skillet and baste with a little oil from the bowl.
Step 6
Stir the pancake batter to incorporate the oil well. Pour a good ladle of this preparation into the skillet. Rotate the skillet so that the bottom is covered with dough and put the excess in the bowl. The pancake should be as thin as a Breton crepe. Cover the skillet immediately.
Step 7
After a few seconds, check the texture of the pancake. If it detaches itself, overthrow it with dexterity, that is to say, without it folding, on the oiled plate.
Step 8
Do this for the following three pancakes or as long as you have some dough, making sure each time the pan is very hot and well oiled. If you make more than four pancakes, do not forget to brush the additional plates with olive oil.
Step 9
To make the stuffed rolls, place the equivalent of a teaspoonful of stuffing in the middle of a pancake. Roll it up and place it on an unoiled plate. Count about five pancakes per person for a good main course or three for an entree.
Step 10
Place in each plate a pinch of all the fillings. Serve with fried onions and fish sauce with a little chilli if desired.


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