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Miso salmon

very easy
4 portions


salmon portions with skin
4 cases
of miso
4 cases
of maple syrup
2 cases
of sake
2 cases
of mirin
2 cases
of fried onions
3 cases
of sesame seeds


Step 1
Mix in a glass or porcelain bowl, miso, maple syrup, mirin and sake.
Step 2
Add the pavers and coat them well with the marinade. Marinate at least 4 hours.
Step 3
Sake the cobbles and put them in a baking dish. Keep the marinade.
Step 4
In an oven at 350F, bake the salmon with the skin underneath for about 7 minutes.
Step 5
During this time, boil the rest of the marinade in a saucepan.
Step 6
Fire grilling and cook until the crust turns a little brown.
Step 7
Serve the pavement by basting with warm marinade, sprinkle with fried onions and sesame seeds. Serve with vegetables and a bowl of hot rice.


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